New Fic!!!

Okay so I know what you’re thinking…

“Really, Kelpie? You can’t even find time to write the ones you’re already working on!”

But yeah, this was different. This is my entry to the Secret Santa Gift Fic exchange. Mine was for the awesome FangbangerLayla who had some pretty funny requests. Just go read and find out cause…yeah. :o)

And I strongly encourage you to go read the rest of the Gift Fics here. And my gift (written by the supremely talented Alh1971) was just perfect as well. So yeah…go read them!

And, without further ado, Naughty.

naughty banner

ETA: I have now added all the visuals for the story, including a banner (which sucks, but ya know…I’m pretty techtarded.) :o)

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