Goodbye 2013…

Hello 2014!

This will be my last post of the year, ya know, since it’s 2 hours to midnight where I am. It’s been a doozy of a year for everyone it seems. Here’s hoping 2014 brings us love, joy and mucho Skarsy awesomeness!



By the way, let’s take a moment to wish one of y fave authors, RealJena, a very happy birthday! Head on over, leave her a note and read all her stuff cause…dayum!

And lets take another moment to remember Angela -aka EricIzMine- and just send out thanks to her for bringing so many of us together. Through her work and her interaction with all of us, she made our fandom one of the best. If you can, help out her family who are, I’m sure having a hard holiday season.

And on that note, here’s another pick up as a final farewell to a year well spent.


Keep on keepin’ on, lovelies!
<3 Kelpie


6 thoughts on “Goodbye 2013…

  1. Wow. It’s amazing what you find when you decide to surf!
    I have been here before, and now, i’m not sure if i have subscribed yet cos, yummmmm!

    Hmm, i need to check that, although.. My poor email box is starting to hemmorage. Re-reading and finding new ‘complete’ works has been how i’ve coped since nov 12… That and being stuck in bed sleeping for almost 3 weeks!
    Btw… Yay for being healthy again.
    Really should check my inbox out… And check my subscription… And look at these lovely pictures and drool some more! Hmmmmmmm….

    Happy 2014!


      1. It was a great way to lose weight, and give my 8yr old an extended sleepover with her aunty…. Which meant she got to school, yay!
        But being alone was definitely boring, when i was conscious, which wasn’t much in the first 2 weeks…

        Actually, nah, don’t recommend it ;)


      2. I’d take being alone for a nap! I barely sleep and I think the longest I’ve gone without someone physically being on me has been maybe 10 minutes. Sigh.


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