Okay so I’m stupid. Apparently I set the thing on my wordpress mobile thing to save as draft instead of post. So as I was half delirious last night after a hideously long day…let’s just say this morning I woke up and was like “Gah!”

So, apologies for being late with y’alls SkarsPorn.

But it does give me an opportunity to extend an invitation.

Due to Fanfiction.net’s increased amounts of fuckery, what with stupid assholes trying to dictate the lives of others, stories are being yanked left and right. As a writer, and a reader, of these stories it’s completely frustrating. And frankly it’s fucktarded that the admins over there are allowing it to happen, but whatever. And maintaining a blog is hard, so some writers don’t want to do that.

Now I know there are other options out there (FictionPad, AO3, The Writer’s Coffee Shop, etc) but here’s the invite.

Author’s-if you don’t want to post at any of the aforementioned sites (or others that I’m not aware of) and you’re worried about ff.net’s fuckery, then I’m opening my blog to you. I will carve out a place (and by that I mean push some buttons and create a cyber space korner of your own) for you to post and you can rest assured that it won’t be deleted or fucked with or witchhunted…etc. :o)

If you want to take advantage of that, shoot me an email at kelpieskorner@gmail.com. Feel free to spread the word too.

2 thoughts on “dUH

    1. I figured it’s an option. I can even count how many stories I’ve read have been yanked…and some have gone to WP, but hate having to invest the time, while others just disappears. Which sucks. So hopefully this will be another option. :)


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