What the ever loving hell?!?!

What the ever loving hell is that boy thinking?!?


Funny as hell though. I volunteer to warm him up…anyone wanna help? :)

15 thoughts on “What the ever loving hell?!?!

  1. when you gotta go, you gotta go? His butt and his legs are looking kind of blue though. :) (yes, I notice these things!!! don’t judge me! :))

    finally, we now know how he looks sitting on the john. We have reached TMI status where he is concerned.


  2. I thought of the season finale straight away looking at this picture. It’s an obvious dig at it. That photo would have been taken at least 2 weeks ago at this stage so I love that they waited until True Blood starting filming again to release the photo…


  3. Hmm. Didn’t think of True Blood shooting… The wide open snow made me think Antarctica, and Walking with the Wounded… Really hope it wasn’t anyone that was with WwtW, they all seemed so tight… Someone leaking it from TB though, yeah, that i could see.

    And i totally missed the blue legs! But i am looking on a small phone screen lol


    1. Oh it was Inge from walking with the wounded, but I’m pretty sure askars was fine with it. There’s a bunch of articles explaining the joke…dwell not the true blood joke. But the reasoning behind why they did it.


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