I so totally can’t even believe it…

But my baby boy…my first born…is 5 today! Holy mother fucker! (not a reaction I can share on Facebook, let me tell you.) I can’t believe that 5 years ago tonight, almost down to the exact time too, I was culminating a 3 day long labor to get my stubborn boy out of me. Sigh. So, here’s to him-I’m currently raising my well deserved beer-and may he have many more!



On an unrelated note, Chapter 3 of Prisoner is in the final beta stages and they’re all fixing up my mess. So you’ll have another chapter in the next day or two. Yay!

Now I’m off to polish off my beer. :)

5 thoughts on “I so totally can’t even believe it…

  1. Dear Kelpie,

    Congrats to you, Mike,  & your baby boy !  It’s quite the milestone and brings tears to a mother’s eyes, knowing that her baby isn’t a “baby” anymore (he’ll always be your baby though!).

    My baby boy will be 24 on February 8th (s niff), and if that’s not bad enough, HIS baby boy, our  grandson (!), the ONLY grandson, will be 5 in June!  I’m so totally empathizing with you – so much – that if I could drink, I’d be raising my own frosty mug with ya!

    You will get through it, sweetie!  There are many more milestones to come!  I blubbered like an idiot on my Patrick’s wedding day – I love our daughter-in-law; she’s a daughter to us!  And of course, the day our Sweet Baby James was born, the tears could have given Pittsburgh a 4th river!  Our Patrick is my baby, and we get to watch our grandson twice a week – the two best days of the week!  It’s so much fun!

    You have so much to look forward to with all three of those beautiful children!  All the good, and the not-so-good, but keep the good in mind, especially when teenage years come along…that’s when I would pull out the baby books for reminders! 

    You’ve got years of fun ahead of you!

    Wishing you all the best,  a Happy 5th Birthday to Ryan, and all the cake & ice cream  he wants!

    Peace & L aughter,




    1. Thanks darlin! Yeah he had a fun day. We did an aquarium trip and then lunch at Chipotle (his pick)…so he was ecstatic. :o) Yeah I’m already astonished at how fast it’s going. And my second, Erik is starting school in a couple weeks when he turns 3…*cry*


      1. I’d be crying too! Of course you know, he won’t mind you leaving in the least! I can’t stand that they grow up so fast! My baby boy was born in Feb. 1990…his sisters are getting closer to 30 by the day… That only means I’m getting closer to 60!! YIKES!! I love my grandkids, but they could slow down a little too! Why can’t they stay little longer, like till 10?


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