SkarsPorn Sunday

Wow has it been a week! Holy moly…but here’s something to start your new week (or end your old week) on a high note.







Alrighty dolls…have a great week!

6 thoughts on “SkarsPorn Sunday

      1. I know! It may be Thea only pictures I’ve ever seen of him that I wasn’t instantly drooling over…although the drool came the more I stared. :)


  1. Oh no!  Who dressed that beautiful man in 70’s clothing?  The ‘stache, hopefully, is not a permanent one…not all of them were porn ‘staches…  The clothing?  Those damn tube socks!  I hated those fucking things!  I swear my brothers had every color of the damn rainbow, and my sisters & I would spend hours matching up the damn things.  Heaven forbid the socks didn’t match!  The shorts are hilarious!  Yeah, guys really wore those, or cutoff jeans.  I hate 70’s movies.  They really highlight our poor fashion choices…



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