Okay, my lovelies. I must beg your forgiveness. I’ve been a bad, bad updater. That being said, I’m going to explain, in a slightly less amusing way than InvertedMeridian (seriously, go read her stuff…it’s AWESOME!).

In the beginning of January, I had to start planning my oldest’s 5th birthday party. His birthday was on the 20th, so that took most of January. Then my middle kid turned 3 on the 2nd and started school yesterday…so I’ve been one huge ball of hormones in the last month (I’m just sad about my baby growing up….if anyone yells pregnancy I’m gonna junk punch them. Ask my husband.) So, needless to say, I’ve been distracted by that. On top of that we’ve had some kind of cold going around our house since Christmas, so I’ve felt pretty crappy (again, NOT pregnant!)

That said, here’s the other part of the explanation. Mike and I have “a list”. Those of you who watched Friends should know what I’m talking about. My list consisted of ASkars, Ann Hathaway and Scarlett Johannson for the longest time. But recently we finished watching Once Upon A Time. And now Colin O’Donoghue is tied with ASkars for first place. *hide*

Now, what does this have to do with writing my fics? Well, due to the start up of True Blood filming (sans sexy Swede) and the lack of reassuring news about True Blood (regarding our Viking) and the heartbreaking betrayal of the last SVM book (Viking sex slave?!?)…I’ve lost a bit of my Eric/Sookie mojo.

I feel horrible and fickle, but it is what it is. I’m not off them completely, but my inspiration is severely lacking. Instead it’s migrated to the Captain Swan ship from OUAT. In fact I have a one shot in progress as we…type/read.

So I apologize for those of you waiting for more E/S updates. They may be slightly more sporadic. And I’ll be adding in some lovely Hooker stuff (Captain Hook, for those of you out of the loop) since Colin is just…ughfn. *expressive aroused noise*

So, hopefully I’m not completely pissing you off. But I’ll leave you with something adorable and sexy. :)




9 thoughts on “Distraction

    1. Thanks darlin! I’m still writing everything that I’ve started. But it’s just slower. I had all these ideas and feels for E/S and they’re just a little diminished is all. I just didn’t want anyone getting antsy with no concrete idea of when I’d update next.


  1. Aha! The techtard typing this has finally figured out how to comment here! Yay!!

    Thanks for the mention (You so rock!)! I can’t wait to see what you come up with for the Redoubtable Captain Hook, and I have every faith that The Muse Whisperer will give you some sexperation, I mean, “inspiration”, for the Delicious Eric Northman, too…so, preggers or not, never fear! ;)
    (And your middle baby is NOT growing up – he’s just experiencing new things, that’s all!!)


  2. Me and my husband have our list too LOL> Its not cheating if they are on the list. My consists of ASkars, Joe Maganiello, and Jake Owen. Lol I tease him since his tastes are way too young he like Emma Watson, and now since she was on True Detective Alexandra Daddario His argument was if she’s old enough for Woody then she’s old enough fr me lol. It seems the Eric and Sookie fanfiction is just really slowing down all over so sad I love these characters.( I still refuse to read the last book though) I am looking fwd to True Blood coming back even though its the last season. I am not ready to say goodbye to Askars! My husband is doing the happy dance though he hates true blood buts its like a bad car wreck I just can’t look away.


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