Fickle little bitch

THAT, right there…fickle little bitch…that’s my muse. She’s just flitting around my brain, fucking with me. It’s quite annoying. But I finally got her to simmer down and let me finish a chapter instead of starting the 4 new stories she wants me to. Sigh. But I did start a one shot and another story in the meantime. Argh.

But here, without further ado, is a new chapter for you lovelies!

Prisoner // Chapter 4

Hope you enjoy. :)

PS. I forgot to mention that italics are in another language. It doesn’t really matter which, but I hate trying to read translations, so it’s just there. And bolded is thoughts. :)

4 thoughts on “Fickle little bitch

  1. THANK YOU for sparing readers the aggravation of having to wade through crap we wouldn’t waste time reading but would still have to skip to go to the translation, lol. :D


    1. Yeah I don’t MIND it if it’s necessary to the plot. But then there’s here times where the translations at the bottom of a massive chapter….THATS annoying!


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