Oh My Guinness !

Okay, so I’ve decided to host a small contest. This one is a Once Upon a Time contest…there will be a True Blood one in the coming months, so no worries. :)

It’s a St. Patrick’s Day contest, in honor of our lovely Colin’s Irish heritage!

Submit a fic, drabble, fanart…anything really. But it has to have a somewhat St. Patrick’s type theme. :)

Deadline for participation is 3.14.14 and people can vote (aka “like”) over the weekend and winners will be posted on St. Patrick’s Day (3.17.14, in case anyone’s brain’s blanking.)

I’ll figure out a prize for the winner…not sure what at the moment…but there is a prize!

EDIT: And I’m stupid and forgot to say where to submit it. Psh. Send it on over to kelpieskorner@gmail.com. Make sure you put something like contest entry or St. Pat’s or something in the subject. :) Thanks lovelies!

And-for inspiration-here’s a lovely picture for you!

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