To the Grave…

I have been (fairly) consistent with posting the yumminess that I apparently have become semi-famous for…at least in our little fandom worlds.

That being said, that’s the ONLY thing I’ve been consistent on. And I apologize sincerely.

Alas, my creativity has gone the way of the dinosaurs.

Yup…there it is.

I promise I’m trying and I’ll have new chapters out (hopefully) in a timely manner. But it seems as if my ever lurking depression has taken hold again and my anxiety is rearing it’s ugly head. Couple both those with trying to figure out which car we want (Nissan Rogue vs. VW Tiguan) all while fighting with the Dept of Edu for commandeering our tax refund…yeah.

So, bear with me…I will have more sexiness for you on Sunday and Wednesday and I’ll be diligently writing…and deleting and writing and deleting some more. :) Thanks lovelies!

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