Yes, that is what Sookie has in Unlikely Beginnings this week. :) You’ll see why in a minute.

Unlikely Beginnings banner

FYI: The pics at the bottom are actual pictures from the night I met Mike. No, I don’t remember that night. The whole beginning of this story (and this chapter specifically) is pretty much how I found out about that night, although-like I said-this is a condensed version of the first 6 months we knew each other.

So…hopefully you like. Enjoy and happy reading!

Unlikely Beginnings // Chapter 2: Black Out Drunk

Oh! I forgot! I may not be able to respond to comments, but I absolutely LOVE getting them. Seriously, they make my day. So, to everyone who comments-thank you! I’ll reply if I have time, but with the kids…eh ya know. *smooches*


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