SkarsPorn Sunday

SkarsPorn Sunday strikes again!!!! …don’t mind me-I’m in a mood…





And now-in honor of Fathers Day-here’s our sexy father/son duo…


And here’s a HUGE shout out to all the dad’s out there-they’re probably not reading this but oh well. And a huge shout out to the moms who have to pull double duty-you get recognition too. :) I know I couldn’t do the whole parenting thing without Mr. Kelpie so I applaud all y’all. And here’s some of my own Father’s Day inspired cuteness.




6 thoughts on “SkarsPorn Sunday

  1. I totally can’t decide which of the kiddos in the last is my fave!!! Princess Remy is adorable as always, Ryan and his closed eyes and rosy cheeks, or Erik who is about the cutest thing ever and boy does he look like his momma!!! Love them all!! Happy Father’s Day Mr Kelpie!!!


  2. I may or may not have lifted the Alex pic. Oh, wait: OMGODRIC—WAS THAT PIC TAKEN WITH HIS EXPRESS AND WRITTEN PERMISSION?? I mean, he’s in a public place, but you KNOW that apparently means jack…


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