SkarsPorn Sunday Take 2

So-I’m watching the “Farewell to Bon Temps” show…and I’m so in need of some GOOD SKARSPORN.

Holy motherfucker! Im convinced they shot him with the worst possible camera angles…just to give Bill an edge. And to turn us fans off. Ugh. But Russell’s bit was good–











Make it a little better?

10 thoughts on “SkarsPorn Sunday Take 2

  1. MUCH. And, really, it’s pathetically obvious that the entire reason for that, well, WTF ever it was, was to cram B/S down our throats and throw us off Eric. Sorry, didn’t work…just makes us even more aware of how childish the assholes at HBO are.

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  2. I didn’t watch it but now since y’all are saying how much of a train wreck it was i will have to watch it.. like a moth to a flame…. that is how i will be viewing this season. Thanks for the pictures, it was a good start of the workday. KY


  3. I’m going to have to track this down…
    You would have to deliberately shoot a bad angle for that man, or just walk in, plonk the camera down and walk off.
    Cos Geez. It’s rare to find ugly pap photos of the man! And those morons have split seconds to get their shots!


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