It’s tiiiiiiiimmmmmeeee……

…for another E/S chapter!

Yeah, chapter 3 from Unlikely Beginnings is up and ready to go. And, since it’s a short chapter you may or may not get another one later in the week…depends on how much I get written and whatnot. As it stands, I have a busy week…mini family vacation Thursday and Friday. So no promises-though I will try cause Chapter 4 is one of my favorites to date. :)

That being said, I’ve also been working on Already Married…as many of you know I lost my muse for that at the end of last season and Book 13 just killed it even further. But with the help of the extremely talented and bona fide genius tj6james6, I’ve now brainstormed and my muse has risen! There’s a few alterations to my original storyline, which are now fixed in the earlier chapters and as I work I’ll just keep updating. I’m aiming to post a new chapter Sunday…to distract us from the mockery of a show HBO is trying to put us through…but again, no promises. I can aim and try all I like, but…kids tend to ruin any kind of schedules I may set up.


So, happy reading and hope you enjoy the new chapter!

Unlikely Beginnings // Chapter 3: AIM

PSH! EDIT!! A huge thank you to my awesome betas (Nix and MistressJessica1028) for cleaning up my Baby-Girl-addled mess…seriously, having a toddler help you type…not the smartest idea. :)

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