I couldn’t wait…

So, you get another chapter of Unlikely today. :)

This is one of my favorite chapters (so far) and you’ll probably see why. You’ll probably also wanna kill me when you get to the end but ah well. *evil laugh*

And the story in this chapter, the one Claude brings up, confused the hell out of Mr. Kelpie when he read through the chapter. He was like “well, that would have been funny if it’d actually happened.”

And then I had to tell him that just cause it didn’t happen with THEM doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. I’m pulling out the stops and remembering ALL my shenanigans. :)

Hopefully you enjoy, hopefully you don’t wanna kill me and hopefully you can wait until next week for Chapter 5.

Happy reading, lovelies!

Unlikely Beginnings // Chapter 4: Pick Your Poison

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