SkarsPorn Sunday-like 20 hours late…

Okay, so I’m getting pretty good at balancing the writing thing with the Mommy thing with the housework thing…and all those things are working fairly well. So I’m gonna try to focus on continuing another of my older E/S stories. Which one would y’all prefer me to start with? :)\

Eventually I’ll have them all going again, but I want to try to ease my way in. And now that Already Married is in the works again, I’m feeling ambitious. :)

Oh and here’s the pretties I promised you. There’s been a disturbing lack of new SkarsPorn around so you’ll have to make due with some old…not that you mind I’m sure.

20130825-210716.jpg 20130825-210723.jpg 20130825-210731.jpg 20130825-210737.jpg 20130825-210800.jpg 20130825-210752.jpg 20130825-210538.jpg

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