Contest Time?!?

Okay, so I know there’s a lot of writing contests out there but I’m starting one more. There was a post on Facebook yesterday and a discussino that followed surrounding THIS picture:



And it seems EVERYONE and their brother wants a twin story. So here’s the deal. The contest opens now (obviously) and I’ll be taking entries until July 31. You can mail them to I’ll post them anonymously and everyone can vote. The voting will close after a week. And the winner will get—something. Haven’t figured the prize out yet. :) But it’ll be spiffy and Eric related. No worries about that.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaand go!

EDIT: Okay, so this morning as I was posting, Mr. Kelpie was trying to rush me out the door to the gym and I forgot like…everything. So, here’s some rules.

1. No posting until after voting is done. So keep yours to yourself until then.
2. Needs to be at least 500 words. After that, it’s up to you. It can be a one shot or a multichapter. But if it’s a multichapter, then only submit the first chapter.
3. Make sure it’s readable. If you use a beta, great. If not, that’s fine-as long as it doesn’t look like a slow munchkin did it.
4. Email them to at the latest by July 31.

If I forgot anything, feel free to mention or ask. And I’ll fix it. This is the first contest I’m running so I’m winging it. :)

6 thoughts on “Contest Time?!?

  1. This should be fun! Since I’m not a writer, I’ll just get to sit back & enjoy all the reading from some terrific writers! Thanks, Kelpie! :)


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