Fall Out Whaaaaaa?!?

So, I’m a huge Fall Out Boy fan. In fact my anniversary present this year from Mr. Kelpie was tickets to an FOB concert. I’m super excited.

And ever since their last album came out, I’ve been bombarded with story inspiration.

This little gem really doesn’t follow the lyrics of the song, but the premise is there. It’s weird, but hey the muse goes where she wants. So, first maybe check this out…

Then go check out the new story! It’s a Captain Swan mini story…it was supposed to be a one shot but it grew…grrrr. I’ll be posting a chapter every couple of days or so. But since the first chapter is so tiny, you get 2 to start with. Just click the pic to take you there.

Just One Yesterday banner


And here’s a reminder! I’m running a contest! I’m going to be putting up a contest page with the prompt and rules and all that and I’ll make sure to give you all the details then. Thanks lovelies!

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