Yesterday…But not the Real One

Yeah the real yesterday…suuuuuuuuuuuuuucked!

I got sick, my children tried to kill me with watermelon juice (looong story which ended with a busted knee, ankle and foot), Mr. Kelpie got in a car accident that he neglected to tell me about AND I had to watch True Suck…twice. Among other things.

Like seriously?!?!?! – hence the lack of updates for Just One Yesterday. But I have an update today for you.

So, this chapter has a few warnings..

Citrus Warning…just a smattering…

Frying Pan Warning…this because of…

Cliffhanger Warning…this is apparently the worst cliffy so far….


So I sincerely apologize (I had my girls bawling apparently) but it has to be done. :) Happy reading lovelies!

Just One Yesterday // Chapter 5

3 thoughts on “Yesterday…But not the Real One

  1. OMG! What a day. Who’s got all the broken bones & will be in a cast for the rest of the summer? The watermelon juice is a completely new one though, I must say. I guess if I was in a car accident the same day I’d forget too.

    You poor girl. I’d recommend drinking, but you have those sweet babies. Drinking usually results in more of them… A vacation with all your besties when you recover? I wish you that, and more.


    1. Thankfully nothing’s broken (I think) and I’m just limping around a bit. And mike-it apparently happened on hi way home. Wasn’t a bad accident by any stretch but still-he leads the conversation off with “now don’t freak out…”


      1. Good to hear is wasn’t as bad & hopefully you don’t one of those high ankle sprain or a small fracture. And the accident… I’ve had to do the same with my husband with the now “OK, now don’t get mad at me & freak out… It wasn’t my fault, but…” Still, he freaks! There must be something in the air. I’m also having the week from HELL.
        Best of luck to you that it turns around!!


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