Apologies, mates!

I am woefully behind on…well-everything. We took another mini-vacation this week and as a result I have been run ragged. Vacationing with 3 littles is NOT all that relaxing, in case you were wondering.

But I have a new chapter for you! :) I am still in the process of writing Chapter 7, so bare with me on that. It’s all in my head-I just need to type it out. And my awesome beta (MistressJessica1028) is super speedy. So you’ll have it soon.

So-the warnings for this chapter are…

Tears Possible…it’s a rollercoaster, people!…

Citrus Warning…at least you get something nice for your troubles…

Frying Pan Warning…but you’re gonna wanna do this…

Cliffhanger Warning…because of this…

…don’t say I didn’t warn you. :)

Just One Yesterday // Chapter 6

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