Last Day, Last Day, Last Daaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy

That’s right. Today is the last motherfucking day to get your submissions in for the Twins contest!

Go here to find out more and whip one out. I’ve got 3 submissions so far. Check back tomorrow (hopefully in the morning, but possibly mid-afternoon, depending on the kidlets) to start voting on the entries. *squeal*

On another note…I have a chapter for you. And it’s from Unlikely Beginnings! :)

This chapter is kinda near and dear to me because it’s the reeeeeal beginning of the story, if you know what I mean. Obviously, you’ll see things are not the way they are in real life. But the situation and especially the lines at the end (minus the nicknames) are exactly how it happened. And I will forever treasure that memory. *drifts away for a sec*



Yup, that’s us on that night…

And since camera phones were like hardly better than a drawing back then, this is one of only 2 I have of that night. :( But yeah. So…..check it out.

Unlikely Beginnings // Chapter 6: Mini Golf

And  HUGE shout out to my wonderfully awesome beta, MistressJessica1028, and my kinda-not-official-but still officially-awesome pre-reader MissRissa81. They keep me sane…or insane in MissRissa’s case when she bugs me for updates. But hey! It worked…..Oh and kudos if you catch the sneaky little pop culture tidbit I threw in there…*wink*


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