So Much Wow!

Okay so I posted the contest entries yesterday around 3ish in the afternoon. And since then—–just wow.

Not only have there been 88 votes already, but yesterday I had a record number of views on the blog (1289!!!). So thank you everyone for all your participation and help!

Here’s another plug, because these 3 mystery writers deserve it-go read these 3 awesome stories and leave your votes so we know who won!

Meet My Brother
More Than Meets the Eye
Never Changing Who I Am

And here’s some sexiness to make this whole post worth your time…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


And, while I appreciate constructive criticism (truly I do), if you send me an email that you have to put effort in to make anonymous only to bitch at me about not doing things the way someone else does…well….yeah. I’m only human. There’s a reason I’m running my contest the way I am-hello, MY contest!-so thank you for the input, I will promptly disregard it. Especially since you used the words ‘lazy’, ‘entitled’ and ‘bitch’ copiously throughout. Cheers to you, of anonymous reader!

For everyone else out there, thanks again for your participation and help in making this contest a success already! Keep reblogging and directing people here so these awesome writers get the credit they so justly deserve!


3 thoughts on “So Much Wow!

  1. Those were some fun & fantastic stories! Thanks so much for sponsoring the contest. I have an idea for one, so you’ll have to let me know how you did yours!


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