Keep It Coming!

Hey lovelies! So I was a bit incapacitated Sunday and Monday due to a horrific migraine….and so I didn’t post yesterday. But I’m back and (kinda) better. Still have a headache but it’s much more manageable.

So, yeah here’s the reminder. GO VOTE! There have already been 274 votes! Remember you can vote as many times as you like-I didn’t even bother limiting by ISP cause we all know there are workarounds and they’re a pain in the ass….so I saved you some trouble. :) So shout it from the rooftops and send everybody my way because these 3 anonymous authors deserve every bit of attention they’ll get from this. Seriously, they all rock.

And to make things easier, here’s the story links:
Meet My Brother
More Than Meets the Eye
Never Changing Who I Am

Thankfully I’ve gotten no more snarky bitchy emails either so that’s a plus.

Here’s the obligatory SkarsPorn that I was too passed out to give you Sunday,….

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


And hopefully I’ll have some kinda of new chapter for you soon…depending on the kidlets of course. Happy reading lovelies!

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