I’m Late! I’m sorry! I’m late!

Not in the “holy crap I’m pregnant!” way…thank fuck! But in the “the contest was supposed to end yesterday and I spaced on it” kinda way. So……sorry. This is why though….
Yup, that’s right. I was rocking out with Jared Leto and Chest Bennington last night. It was Mr. Kelpie’s anniversary present and he had a blast. It was hilarious.

So-the winner of this supremely awesome contest is…
*drum roll please*

Never Changing Who I Am by the illustrious Kittyinaz

The two runners up are

Meet My Brother by gwynwyvar
More Than Meets the Eye by MistressJessica1028

Go check out their sites cause they have some other awesome stuff-although Gwyn just made her site…so go support them all!

I’ll have SkarsPorn up later for you. New contest will go up eventually. No rush now, so no worries. :)

5 thoughts on “I’m Late! I’m sorry! I’m late!

  1. WOOT! Congrats kitty. Awesome story!
    Can’t wait for the next contest–hoping it’s a Kill Bill Contest since I have a totally awesome idea plotted and everything :D.


  2. Congratulations to Miss Kitty! A well-deserved win! Congratulations to the other contestants as well; these were tough choices to make as all of your stories were so good! You’re all outstanding writers & deserve all the recognition.


  3. Thanks for running this story Kelpie!
    It finally got my muse moving :)
    Thankyou Kittyinaz and MistressJessica for brilliant stories :) I love them both and looking forward to reading more of them both!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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