In honor of our beloved ASkars…

Here is a little birthday treat for us…and Eric…kinda…yeah..

Sorry my brain is fried because Mr. Kelpie just insisted on watching the True Blood finale.

I’m just…yeah. Whatever. No spoilers, no worries. But anyways…here’s a little one shot I wrote for Kittyinaz’s contest last month. And hopefully it gives you some good feelings about the…interesting ending they gave us…

God. Brain. Fry. No joke. I can’t even string words together, so I’m gonna stop trying. Happy reading lovelies!

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One thought on “In honor of our beloved ASkars…

  1. In the past 5 years my husband has NEVER watched true blood with me .. I gave up on it last year and I didn’t watch any of this season .. But last night after putting the little to sleep .. He told me while I was giving little a bath he was watching the series finale of true blood I told him “no I’m not watching that .. Turn that trash off ” and he said “well it’s this or video games” .. I said “well you love your games .. And I’m a good wife …”
    I’m like really it took me 5 years to get you interested? And he wants to talk about bill and sookie and I told him .. I love you but I can’t talk about it and walked away ..


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