Another One Shot…

Hola my lovelies! It’s a semi gorgeous day here…if you’re inside. Otherwise you’ll feel like your skin will blister off in the disgusting humid heat of the underside of Satan’s balls.

No seriously. That’s what it feels like.

Anyhoo I have a new one shot for you! It’s my other entry into Kittyinaz’s Angels Through the Fire contest. This one is a Captain Swan fic though.

Unlike The Right Choice, which I maaaaaaaaaaay expand eventually (read if I ever have time it’s a sure thing), this is for sure just a one shot. So hopefully you enjoy…I’ll post some Colin hotness later since I forgot yesterday. *bad bad bad*

In my defense one of the kidlets locked us out of the house Tuesday and I’ve been calibrating ever since-that heat is no joke. So I kinda forgot yesterday was Wednesday and got really confused when Mr. Kelpie didn’t head to work today. Ugh. Whatever.

So here it is.



By the way…I have a few things in progress that I am TRYING to finish for you. The kidlets kinda take precedence most days and I rarely have time at the moment…which is a weird sentence but yeah. So I’ll get those to you lovelies ASAP!!! Byes!

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