No, not too much information, though if you’re truly interested I’d be more than happy to enlighten you. :)))

No this TMI is actually The Mortal Instruments. See I read the books back when there were only 3. Then I had kids and lost interest and just kinda meh. But then the movie came out (City of Bones, if y’all didn’t know), and we got it. It sat on the hard drive for like ever and we just watched it recently (read-Mr. Kelpie made me sit down and watch it). And…it wasn’t the greatest film ever shot, but it was pretty good. So it got me interested again. Enough that I actually read Book #1 again before puttering out in the first chapter of Book #2. I remember why I lost interest, needless to say. (Cassandra Clare must absolutely HATE her characters!)

Apparently it gets better later on but I’m not slogging through to find out. However I was enamored once again with the characters. And-uh-Jamie Campbell Bower (who plays Jace in the movie) is hooooooottttt….and I feel like such a skeeze for saying that since he’s a fair bit younger than me, but whatever.

So I’ve been reading more TMI fanfics and now I’ve started one of my own. It’s called Hidden and it’s an AU story with slightly aged up characters (she’s 15 or 16 in the books and it just icked me out honestly). Just click the banner below to take you to the story homepage.



And now for some blog management…things. There was a word I was gonna use there but it just flew right the fuck out of my head. Anyhoo-you’ll notice a new tab up there at the top. It’s called The Altar of Awesome. It’s where all my spotlights are going. I’m still going to be posting them as actual posts, but I’m consolidating them on those pages. They’re divided by fandom so you won’t have to slog through tons of stuff you have no interest in. :)

Okay and now onto the hard stuff. As I posted in SkarsPorn Sunday yesterday, my biggest kidlet is going through some medical stuff. It’s all routine (he has a chromosomal abnormality that we’ve known about since he was born), but it’s still annoying as all fuck. Plus there’s 2 other therapies that we have to get started. So my time is limited and precious. Not only that but the OUAT and TB/SVM fandoms haven’t exactly been the most welcoming of places lately. I’ve been getting horrible reviews/PMs on anon that are just mean. Like I can take criticism, but these are all out attacks. And I’m kinda tired of it. So I’m gonna back out of writing for those fandoms for a bit. I’m so very sorry cause I know y’all have been so patient about waiting for updates and everything, but I honestly don’t have the mental capacity to put with the…malevolence, I guess. It’s just not fun. This story seems to be the only one I can honestly get inspired by so I’m focusing on it for now. I know not many of you are part of the TMI fandom so I’m sorry. I’ll still do the porn-y posts when I remember though. :)

So, love you guys and hope you have a great week!

11 thoughts on “TMI

  1. I’m sorry you and your biggest progeny are going through rough times, but I’m hoping there are so many lights at the end of that tunnel that you’re gonna need shades, babe. And fuck the malevolent assfuckers. They wouldn’t know a good story if it fucked them in the pie hole. Write what’s speaking to you, and maybe only post it on here and disable anon. or guest reviewing? <3


    1. Ahhhhhh darlin you have such a way with words. :) That so totally made me smile. Yeah Kidlet #1 is actually doing really good-I’m not thrilled with his teacher yet again, but yeah-and this stuff is just routine. But it still sucks. Honestly it’s been a hell of a lot easier than I thought life would be but…I guess I got too complacent. He wasn’t supposed to be able to walk or talk at all, never be potty trained-ya know. And he’s just surpassed everything so much…I almost forgot there was anything going on with him. :) But thanks darlin. I’m actually on a roll with this story and I’m super excited. Plus this gives me time to focus on spotlights as well. So that’s always good. :)


      1. Kelpie: His awesome development – and the fact that you automatically expect more and better for and of him – is nothing more than a testament to what a fuckawesome Mom you are!!!!!


  2. Truly hate that ppl have ran u off of Sookie and Eric. Ppl can be trolls! I will follow u to the mortal instrument realm though. The books did get way better but it was a lot of angst


    1. Yeah I heard about the angst. I just-I got anxious (like panic atatck anxious) with the third book and stopped. I have no desire to delve into that again. So I read fanfics and skimmed the wiki pages and stuff. So I know roughly what happens but I just cant bring myself to read them again. Hopefully you like my AU. :)


  3. I wasn’t able to reply to the post with the picture of your adorable little one.. (he has a beautiful smile()..And you are proving what I believe and that is a child with medical issues is capable of far more than what may be expected with the right parenting.
    I’m so sorry to hear you are giving up on your OUAT and SVM/TB stories.. You are a gifted writer and fuck the idiots who leave hateful reviews. I would be willing to bet a lot that not of them has a creative bone in their bodies.


    1. Thanks darlin. I haven’t -given up- exactly….just kinda stepping back for a bit. I’d venture to guess that the OUAT ones will pick up sooner (maybe around Thanksgiving, Christmas…maybe) because of the new season and all the Captain Swan feels. *squeal* And I’m still reading SVM/TB (when I have a spare minute that is). So those will probably get picked up eventually too. Just-not right now. :)

      Oh and to anyone who’s wondering, look up Angelman’s syndrome. That’s what the kidlet has…read how Angelman’s kids usually turn out and then you’ll see exactly how far he’s come past what they ever thought he’d do. :) It’s honestly a little amazing. I’m so glad they got him on anti-seizure meds so early…it really has made all the difference in the world.


  4. Hugs hugs hugs hugs hugs!!!!!!
    Hmmm… What you need is a safe place to post, with being attacked by anons…. we need traps. Some nice bear traps might do, give the Blighters a scare. Actually *looks down* these will probably take off half their leg.

    *starts muttering to self*
    retribution *mutter*
    ..extreme.. *mutter mutter, puts down trap*
    … justified, scaring innocent writers.. *picks up trap*

    Don’t worry Kelpie, by the time you get back to writing I’ll have something sorted.

    *starts muttering again and goes searching for a biiiiiig black bag*

    *if you stay around long enough you can see eggs, tension wire, flash grenades, balloons, glitter, super glue…..*


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