Hum, what do I have for you???

So, not that most of my readers care, but I have Chapter 2 of Hidden up for you. :)

I’m actually updating this mostly on, mainly because y’all aren’t really into TMI, which is perfectly fine. Be on the lookout for more story and author spotlights in the coming days…hopefully. Mainly because I seem to have caught the plague or something equally nasty…and I feel like death.

So click the banner to go to Hidden’s main page or click…

Hidden // Chapter 2: Riddles

…to go right to the chapter.



And I know this post is all over the place-sorry. But one more thing…has nothing to do with fanfic or fandoms at all, but it’s still worth mentioning. If any of y’all like watching YouTube, go check out Markiplier. He’s a video game dude who makes videos of gameplay (among other things), which doesn’t SOUND interesting….but it is. He’s absolutely hilarious and we’ve spent quite a bit of time watching his videos lately. Even the kids like him. So, go check him out if you’re bored. :) Thanks lovelies!

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