Sunday Sexiness

Okay so there’s gonna be a few changes to the “porny” posts…for one thing, ASkars hasn’t had any new pics out lately…or at least very few. So having a full post devoted to him doesn’t really make sense. Same with Colin…most of his are BTS for OUAT and are pretty much all the same. So I’m gonna mix it up. There will now be Sunday Sexiness and Humpday Hotness…and there will be a variety of sexy for y’all to gawk at. :) Plus it’s the only way that I’ll probably remember, since I haven’t been saving pics lately cause there’s barely any new ones. This gives me some leeway. I also promise to try to tag the people in them so you’re not completely in the dark.

Thanks for understanding lovelies!!!!! PS. You can also leave requests and I’ll find the schmexiest pics I can. Just cause I love y’all.

And now to kick it off…..ta da!











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