Oh Captain, my Captain

I have not one-but TWO new chapters of the Institute for you. I also have a few more chapters of Hidden, but I’ll be posting those…in the next few days. I’m entirely too tired (seriously my eyes are like crossing…it’s bad) to attempt any more computer stuff right now. So, without any more sarcastic banter, here ya go. Click the banner to go to the story page and the links to go to the chapters.



Chapter 2
Chapter 3

You’ll notice I’m not naming these chapters…too much effort. My muse hasn’t quite decided where this is going so I’m on as much of a ride as you guys. *shrug* Anyhoo, there’s another story spotlight here that is actually an OUAT drabble. So you should go check it out cause it’s all fluffy and will give you lovely Captain Swan feels. :)

Cheerio dahlings!

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