I have another chapter of The Institute done…and Mr. Kelpie is reading the next chapter as I type. So I’ll have that for you later tonight or tomorrow. This chapter is wholly devoted to VictoryInTrouble for actually reading it and letting me know she’s digging it. It totally spurred me on. :)

So, as always-click the banner to go to the story homepage and the link to go to the chapter.



The Institute // Chapter 4

Oh and forgive the lack of spotlights in the coming days. Spawn #1 is having some medical testing done and my focus isn’t really…focused. Yeah. Plus I feel like I’m having a 1/3 life crisis lately. Which sucks since I’m only turning 28 and therefore should be nowhere near freaking out. Of course 10 years ago I thought I was a goner within the year so…this is entirely unexpected. Ah well.

So forgive my weird and patchy posts (I know I forgot Humpday Hotness!) and I’ll do the best I can. Thanks lovelies and happy reading!

One thought on “Institutionalized

  1. Oh, that is so sweet! It really is a wonderful story. The fact that I don’t know these characters at all but still love it, is a testament to your writing skills.

    Also adorable? The fact that your husband pre-reads for you. <3


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