Hey ducklings!!!

Heh heh, Jace would kill me. :) *evil chuckle*

Anyway, I have a new chapter for you! (Cue applause)

I may have a slightly inflated sense of self worth…or at least act like I do. :) But any.ways….Mr. Kelpie still hasn’t looked this over. He’s still on his weird “your sentences are too long” kick. So any mistake are all mine.

And I have to apologize-Simon absolutely would not shut the fuck up and just let me write. So Clary and Jace didn’t quite get to where I wanted them to end up.

But there’s some cuteness in there for ya. *angelic grin*

So, as always click the banner for the story homepage and the link for the chapter.



The Institute // Chapter 9


Oh and another thing. I’m trying to get my act together (read: balance mommy duties and blog duties) so I’m gonna try to fix up how I do spotlights. The story ones should be easier to do and therefore you’ll get more of them. Yay! If there are any author’s out there who I really need to interview feel free to let me know cause those are the hardest to do. Whether it’s that they don’t want to or don’t answer or ff.net eats my message…yeah you get the idea. :)

So read on and have a great week lovelies! I’ll post the porn in a few too. *wink wink*

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