Happy Needless-Turkey-Murder Day

Or…Thursday if you’re not into the whole Pilgrim/Indian thing. :)

So yesterday I was sitting there thinking “What could I possibly do for my lovely readers on this fine autumnal holiday?”

And…BAM! I finished a chapter of The Institute for you guys. Aw, you’re welcome. :)

As always, banner=story home, link=chapter…



The Institute // Chapter 11

Now, I have to say, I’ve had a very…sucky week. My grandmother passed away on Monday, Little Miss is sick, which incidentally means since I was vomited upon multiple times…I’m sick now too. So, no promises on the regularity of my posts for the next week or so. I’ve got a ton of stuff saved up…but I still have to write the posts, schedule the posts, format the posts…yeah.

Oh and another note. I have a crap ton of author spotlights saved up from like-forever ago. Since I haven’t really been active in the SVM/True Blood fandom lately (which they mostly consist of) I’m going to just post the spotlights, without commentary. When I get back into the fandom I’ll go back and revise, but for now I want to get their interviews out to you. So keep an eye out for those as well. :)

Uh….I’m pretty sure there was more…but-oh! Forgive any mistakes or weirdness in the chapter I just posted….like I said, the week sucked. I read through it twice but I’m not entirely sure how coherent the chapter is. So yeah.

Anyhoo-love ya darlins and hope you had a wonderful Thursday…or Thanksgiving. :)

5 thoughts on “Happy Needless-Turkey-Murder Day

      1. Didn’t like it after bottles. I’ve Thankfully avoided it so far. .. *fingers crossed that the icky germs don’t get passed back again* cos that kinda pass the parcel is also never fun.


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