Story Spotlight: City of Vicissitude

Title: City of Vicissitude
Author: BlankProofTheory
Fandom: The Mortal Instruments
Rating: M
AU/Canon/AH: AU
Complete? yes

Summary: Slight AU. Clary decides to move in with her new found brother once now that she is 18 and found out that she is part of the Shadowhunter world. He is supposed to train her but Clary quickly meets his adoptive brother Jace and learns he can train her in things other than fighting. M for possible lemons later.

My oh-so-humble thoughts
Oh, holy crap. Okay, so this was just a slight twist on the real story. But it was different enough to be engaging and interesting without repeating a ton of useless crap. I literally started reading it yesterday and read until like….4 am. Not a picnic when you have to be up at 6.30, lemme tell you. But yeah I was that into it. And I finally managed to finish it today.

And I’m blown away. Seriously. The twists and turns are so…like, it’s so similar–but it’s not. Ya know? It’s one of those life conundrums that just makes you scratch your head cause you can’t quite figure out WHY it’s so engaging.

But I love her version of Jonathan aka Sebastian. And the whole end part…wooooooo. Like the last frickin line just made my heart seize up and I literally squealed. Scared the poo outta Little Miss. Thankfully, there is a sequel (which will probably be spotlighted as soon as I devour that one…probably by tomorrow…) so you won’t have to go without your fix. :)

So go check her out and leave her some love cause hot dayum! This is so good.


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