Story Spotlight: To Just Be Me

Title: To Just Be Me
Author: Whisper-of-Warning
Fandom: The Mortal Instruments
Rating: T
AU/Canon/AH: AU
Complete? yes


Summary: Being Valentine’s daughter is hard enough as it is, him being the most sinister and malicious man of the Shadowhunter race, that being an outcast isn’t helping Clary’s self-esteem at all. She fights with the demons she suspects to lay dormant inside her daily and never lets anyone get too close. So what happens when she’s taken in by the Lightwoods? Can they save her from herself?

My oh-so-humble thoughts
Oh my goodness. I was so absolutely enthralled by this story. It made my heart pound in…well…most of it actually. For anyone who’s ever felt like they don’t belong….yeah, this will speak to you.

The way she writes is just so…you can feel Clary’s despair and never actually having a home. And in the later parts when…crap, I can’t say that. But there’s a part that made me so incredibly angry at Isabelle….and I seriously wanted to crawl into my phone and throttle her. Then the end…heart palpitations. Seriously…it was slightly ridiculous.

So yeah, it’s only 3 (very long) chapters, but relatively short overall. So it’s a quick read…which you should really go check out like now. And leave her love!!!



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