My Darling Rissa…

…has a birthday today!!!! And since she never said I couldn’t shout it from the rooftops (tee hee) I kinda had some of her faves drop by and we ended up with this…


Seriously they’d just like rolled out of bed-hell, Godric didn’t even bother throwing a shirt on. Ugh-vamps! *rolls eyes*

Heh heh, so yeah that’s really the only point of this post-to with MissRissa81 the happiest birthday and upcoming year ever!!!!

5 thoughts on “My Darling Rissa…

  1. I can’t help but giggle over the fact that when I click on this, the related links are “Impatience thy name is Rissa” and “I’ve been coerced” these are the links with my name attached, ask me if I’m ashamed, LOL

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