Author Spotlight: americanandroid

This chick….damn. I found this wonderful lady through Facebook ironically enough. On one of my fanfic pages there was an update for Chapter 16 of Rabbit Hole. And I had been pretty out of the SVM/TB fandom for…probably the better part of the year. But I was intrigued by this one.

So I gave it a shot. And I was NOT disappointed! This girl is pretty frickin awesome…you should really read on and then click away to go read her stuff.


Let’s start with an introduction. I’m Kelly, or as more people know me, Kelpie.
And you are?
American Android – My name actually has a little meaning and I’ve used it for a long time. It is a satire because I’m the opposite of what the name suggests. I’m a bit of what some people call a truther, I stay very informed, the opposite of American sheeple. I’ve even appeared on internet radio shows about some of my knowledge.

So, tell me a little about yourself.
I’m 34 years old and a mom of 2 wonderful kids who are 14 and 9. I graduated college last May (2014) which was a big deal because I put myself through school as a single mom after I got divorced. It wasn’t easy but I received a degree in teaching grades 5th – 8th. I currently teach middle school science and social studies and I love it. During college I worked as a brain specialist to improve cognitive skills of adolescents so they did better in school. It is a bit like a personal trainer for the brain.

The Apples of My Eyes:
My oldest, 14,  is autistic and incredibly intelligent. He interned in 8th grade last year with three astrophysicists at the university which dazzled his school and teachers winning him a success and futures award. He is already planning his college education. He plays musical instruments such as the violin and goes to competitions. He recently learned to play the ukulele in secret so he could play “over the rainbow” for me as a surprise. He scored into 11th grade math in the 4th grade and prides himself on his academics. He is in school clubs such as Math club and Robotics and his idols are Einstein and Telsa. I can talk to him for hours about science and sci-fi.

My youngest, 9, is so much like me. He is funny, smart, creative, sporty, and bossy. He plays basketball and football and enjoys drawing and spending time with mom. He learned to play the viola but doesn’t like playing instruments so we don’t do that anymore. He is also top of his class and wins a lot of academic and behavior awards at school as well as given special positions like ambassador to new students. He writes sweet letters to me all the time telling me I’m the best mom ever. He also writes letters to his teachers, surprising them and stealing their hearts. He says he wants to be an engineer when he grows up.

What do you do with yourself when you’re not writing?
Well I write a LOT. If I’m not writing I’m either spending time with my kids or working. I might be engaging in some other obsessive hobby such as drawing, reading, or contemplating the universe.

What are some things you never leave home without?
My phone, my purse, and my glasses.

What are some of your favorite books?
I am a real lover of young adult fiction. I’ve read the shadow children series, warrior book series, harry potter, eragon, Missing series, the giver, hatchet, and many others.

Favorite TV shows and movies?
Movies: Any movie with Will Smith or Will Ferrell. I also like apocalypse movies such Book of Eli, the Road, World War Z, Independence day etc. I’m a big sci fi lover as well.

TV: True Blood, Game of Thrones, Big Bang Theory, The Walking Dead, Hell on Wheels, Anything Sci-Fi.

If you were stranded on a deserted island and had 3 famous people with you, who would you choose and why?
Obviously Alexandar Skarsgard! He is supposedly really funny and he would make me laugh. I wouldn’t mind looking at him either.
Einstein – I would love to pick his brain.
Will Ferrell – I love comedy and he is my favorite comedian. His sense of humor is similar to mine.

What is 1 place you’d love to visit?
There are so many places I’ve dreamed of going. I would love to just tour Europe. I’m a big history enthusiast and it would be treat to see all the historical sites.

Do you have any pet peeves?
Yes a lot. I don’t like it when random people going to other houses park on my curb. I don’t like it when people show up without calling first to let me know they’re coming. A girl has gotta slap on a little make up! I have high expectations of every one around me. Including my two cats who are trained to go to the garage door to be let outside to potty and who know not to jump on counters, tables, and my bed.

What are some of your favorite foods? How ‘bout comfort foods?
I like fresh green beans cooked with bacon. Any fresh veggies I get out of my garden are great. I also like a good steak, pork chop, or fried chicken.

What’s your favorite scent-one that says “home” to you?
I like the smell of a fireplace.

What kind of music do you like? Any you absolutely can’t stand?
I like just about everything but have been listening to single ladies and girls run the world by beyonce a lot. I’m all about girl power.

Tell me one random thing about yourself.
I’m an expert at human psychology and instinct, which helps me out quite a bit when I write actually.

Just for some insight into you pick one. Feel free to tell why or not.
Chocolate or vanilla?  Chocolate – What girl doesn’t love chocolate!
Silver or gold? I love both.
Apple or PC? PC
White wine or red wine? Red wine.
Liquor or beer? I don’t really drink often but when I do it’s usually a mixed drink. I can’t stand beer.
Coffee or tea?  Iced tea – I drink it like it’s going out of style. We love our tea in the south. Mine is super
Sleep in or get up early? Sleep in if I can. I’m a night owl.

Okay, now for the good stuff.
What are your preferred fandoms for writing/reading?
True Blood – I’ve never been big into vampire shows. I haven’t even watched Buffy or The vampire diaries and Twilight just doesn’t do it for me. There is something about that show that I really like. Probably the shocking risqué of it all.

What kind of environment do you write in?
In a quiet place on the computer. My kids know to hush while I’m writing but I do a lot of it when they are gone to their dads for the weekend. Sometimes I have a notebook at work that I sneak little ideas in.

Ever write in your PJs?

How bout naked?

Where do you find inspiration for your stories? Do you pull your real life experiences into your writing?
I get inspiration from all sorts of places. Sometimes a new idea just comes to me out of the blue or in dreams (that happens a lot). It is important to me to be unique in my writing. I do not want to write something that’s been done many times before which can happen in fanfic.

Do I put real life into my stories?
Yes, for example, Rabbit Hole has my sense of humor inserted into it.

Do you write on a schedule?
No, I just write when I feel like it.

Do you plan out your stories or just write whatever comes to you?
I plan them out. I try to write a detailed outline many chapters in advance to prevent writers block. Sometimes I even do the whole story, 40 or so chapters at a time but it is just tentative. I also find it helps motivate me to write the next chapter because I’m excited to see those events played out. My outlines are not set in stone though. Sometimes I get inspiration. For example, it was not planned that Sookie go meet Godric so early in Rabbit hole, resulting in them being pulled into our world, but inspiration hit me as I sat trying to think of a unique way for them to meet other than the rooftop scene. That little story arc lasted 5 chapters.

Do you have any writing rituals or superstitions?
Yes. I write a rough draft of a chapter which takes about an hour. Then I read through it for errors and flow. I read it again trying to add more detail. Then I’ll send it off to my beta. When I get it back I’ve had time to reflect and usually add more stuff. It takes about 24-48 hours to produce a chapter depending on how long my beta takes.

Is one genre easier for you to write than another? Is there anything that you just aren’t that great at writing?
I enjoy writing stories that make people laugh. So I would say comedy is pretty easy for me. I’m also pretty good at non-fiction pieces. My scientific papers and book reviews (from world literature class) are catchy and interesting. I’m not sure if there is anything I couldn’t/wouldn’t do. When I wrote about Solar Flares I just didn’t explain what they were, the readers felt like they were in an apocalyptic event by the end. The same when I wrote a speech and explained the difference between raw and pasteurized milk. Several people in the audience had their jaw on the floor. I like shock value.

What is the hardest part for you about writing fanfics?
I’m a bit of an evil comedian. I’d love to make a story and kill everyone off, where the reader has no idea who will die next. I like shock value in my stories. But fanfic readers tend to not like the good guys to die so I’m not sure it will be received well. I may try it one day.

Is there a method for coming up with titles for your stories and/or chapters?
Yes, I like to use something catchy that will peak the readers interest. I’ve used numbers, alliteration, and scandalous story titles to draw the readers in. For Rabbit Hole I tend to use chapter titles that are funny since it is meant to be a comedy. Sometimes the titles will be a pun or an innuendo that makes the reader think one thing but it is something totally different. For example. Ch. 14 Let’s Get Stoned! & Ch. 16 Sookie Sucks A Sheriff.

Which character do you identify with the most?
In Tumbling Down the Rabbit Hole it would be Sookie. She is meant to be a tough go getter which I can relate to.
In Over Six Feet of Sin it is Brandy. She can be very outspoken.
The other two stories I’ve written are just getting started so I don’t relate to anyone in them yet.

Which of your stories is your favorite to write and why? Which of your stories is your favorite concept wise?
Tumbling Down the Rabbit Hole because I love making people laugh and it is so easy to write. The Martian Vampires is my favorite concept although Whispers on the Wind I think will be a great concept once it gets going.

Do you talk to your family about your writing?
Yes. I make my kids listen to what I write. Only the non romance PG stuff and I don’t read the curse words. They love it when I read to them but they are quite miffed at me that Rabbit Hole went MA at chapter 7 and they can no longer listen to me read. So I’ve started a new adventure just for them called The Martian Vampires which will be rated T and be an adventure/sci-fi/fantasy epic. There won’t be any romance but their will be a deep connection and friendship between Sookie, Godric, and Eric as their three destines collide through space and time. ☺

What is your favorite book/episode in your preferred series?
No one book stands out to me but the ones who feature romance between Eric and Sookie are the best. I like the episodes when Eric has amnesia and the ones featuring Godric in Dallas.

What is the best compliment you’ve ever received on your stories?
Every compliment means the world to me. Even a simple “I like it.” But when someone tells me my story makes them laugh it makes me very happy. There have been readers who have told me that they drop everything and go read my chapter when it’s updated and that really says a lot to me. It’s a big confidence booster to continue writing knowing people love what I’ve got to offer them and to see they are as excited as me when I update.

How do you deal with the inevitable criticism?
I have not really gotten a lot of criticism but I have pretty thick skin. Everyone is entitled to their opinion no matter how tactless they go about expressing it. I expect once Rabbit Hole gets more into the trio relationship factor I will get a lot of negative criticism. I will probably ignore it or get mad and write an especially dirty chapter to spite them. ☺

What is your favorite/least favorite part about your preferred fandoms?
My favorite part is the entire True Blood universe and the way it works. I also really like the community of writers and readers. Everyone supports each other and stays connected. That is very nice.

My least favorite part is that those in charge didn’t seem to really think about what almost all the fans wanted to see happen. They continued to promote Bill Compton like he was supposed to be sexy and alluring, he sort of disgusts me. They continued to portray Sookie in an idiotic light. In fact, even the books started to follow the lead of the TV show and steer away from the Sookie and Eric relationship.

Do you have any advice for aspiring writers?
Pick up a pencil and start writing! Practice improves writing and the more stories you write the better you will get. I even see improvement as my stories progress.

Have any recommendations?
I have a page on my website dedicated to stories I’m reading and stories I recommend. Anything on there is a great read in my opinion.

And lastly, where can all your rabid readers stalk you?
Wordpress –
Fanfiction –

Thanks so much for taking the time to answer some questions!

So yeah. Definitely go check her out…she rocks my non-existent socks. Leave her love cause she totally is awesome!


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