Story Spotlight: Northman’s Nanny

Title: Northman’s Nanny
Author: Victory in Trouble
Fandom: True Blood / SVM
Rating: MA
AU/Canon/AH: AH
Complete? no

Summary: He- gorgeous, successful, lonely single father. She- smart, friendly, awkward college senior. When they meet, there’s an instant attraction but their working relationship should prevent anything from happening. However, good intentions are sometimes not good enough. Funny, sometimes heavy, but often joyful and sweet. Take a look! MA for strong language and sexual content. AU/AH

My oh-so-humble thoughts
Okay so I started reading this waaaaaaaaaaay back when she first started it and I was so in love with it. And then the TB finale happened and they absolutely shat all over the E/S fandom. And I lost all my love for all things TB. But I noticed all the update emails from and I’ve been steadily wondering what’s been going on in her little Nanny universe.

So I’m reading it for the second time and damn it’s just as good as I remember. She’s woven these characters in a completely believable way…just wait until you see how she integrates Sookie’s telepathy without actually GIVING her telepathy. Brilliant-genius-absolutely wonderful…all those and more.

She’s not done with it and neither am I, but I totally can’t wait for more of this completely awesome story! Go read…this links to her blog and not ff so it’s even better. Leave her love too cause she’s incredibly talented and deserves it…plus she’s an absolute sweetheart.


8 thoughts on “Story Spotlight: Northman’s Nanny

    1. Hah hah well it’s not like there’s anything else going on or anything. ;) And it’s totally deserved. So thank YOU for writing such an amazing story. :)))


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