Sunday Sexiness

Before we get to the weekend dose of sexiness, there is a contest starting that I had to let you know about. I had *planned* to have this ready to post on January 1, but yeah I’m late. Ooops.

Get Inked contest banner

So this contest is all about that ink, bout that ink, no….yeah no I lost it. Whatever. Basically tattoos or tattooing need to have a prominent place in your fic. That’s it. Same rules as normal apply, which I will recount below and will of course be on the main contest page.

1. Needs to be in one of the fandom featured on this blog (TB/SVM, OUAT, or The Mortal Instruments). I don’t truly care about the pairings (or non pairings) in the story, but I will say people who read this tend to like Eric/Sookie, Eric/Sookie/Godric, Godric in any capacity, Captain Swan and Clace pairings. So you’ll have more success if you write for those.

2. Must be anonymous until the contest is 100% over and winners are announced, which means no posting on your own site until it’s over. If I find out you’re shouting it from the rooftops then you’ll be disqualified.

3. Must be at least 500 words. After that it’s up to you. Also, please indicate if it’s a one shot of the beginning of a new story.

4. Entries must be submitted to by the deadline (in this case. January 30, 2015 at midnight EST).

And that’s it. I’ll be updating the contest page sometime in the next day or so. Prizes will be listed there. :)

And now-onto the sexiness.






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