Sunday Sexiness

Before we get to the sexiness, don’t forget about the Get Inked Contest!!!


Rules are listed on the Contest Page and remember tattoos or tattooing needs to feature prominently. Deadline is January 30, 2015 at midnight EST.

Thanks lovelies! And now back to the sexy.





6 thoughts on “Sunday Sexiness

  1. Ian Somerhalder…*le sigh*… He’s been my wallpaper ever since I can remember because… Those eyes… I can’t even… And Robbie Sheehan? Need I say anything to verify his hotness? Been having a sucky day studying. Needed my Somerhalder fix.

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      1. He’s the shit indeed. And Torrance Coombs is one schmexy man.
        Robbie Sheehan… He doesn’t float it, he freaking makes it soar.

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      2. Definitely. I was hooked when I first saw him in the pilot episode of Reign. His eyes are so, so blue. I literally just watched a few episodes again and again just for him. Interestingly, his character is named Sebastian. *Le fangirl*

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