Surprise Sundance Sunday

Hello my lovelies! So, there will be the regularly scheduled Sunday Sexiness post…later. This however is in honor of the fact that the elusive creature known as Alexus Skarsgardius has been spotted once again. He seems to be in migration mode, as he was spotted several times over the last few days in the mystical place known as Sundance


Okay, my brain is too fried to keep that up. But anyhoo-yeah, Alex has finally been spotted! It’s about time for some new SkarsPorn, huh? I was beginning to forget what he looked like… *dramatic tear*

So…feast your eyes on the yumminess that is the inspiration for so many of us…
Oh! And stay tuned AFTER the sexiness cause I have some much needed updates for y’all!































Whoo, I need a minute…I need to try to fix my keyboard. Drool and electronics don’t really work well together. :P

……………………………….hum, okay…I think I can concentrate-well, I have my hand raised to block the top half of my screen where I can still see him. Yeah. It’s pathetic. Anyways, I *finally* have some TB/SVM updates for you! You can thank MissRissa81 and MistressJessica1028 (who also acted as my lovely beta for these train wrecks) for encouraging me-or in Rissa’s case hounding me for more and more and more and more…

:) I love her. Both hers. :)

Anyways, I have a new chapter of Behind the Camera and a new chapter of Lucky. If you don’t remember Lucky, well-don’t worry. I didn’t either. I had to go re-read what I wrote. So I’m going to post the story banners to go to the home pages and then the chapter links underneath. I’m finally back to the E/S headspace I so desperately lost track of for awhile so I’m hopeful that most of the TB/SVM stories will be coming off of hiatus. But again, I’m busy so I’m not promising any specific timeline for updates. I’ll do my best. :) But you lovelies are awesome for understanding nonetheless. So yeah, I’ll stop yapping and just go ahead and link below.

Behind the Camera banner

Behind the Camera // Chapter 4: Boyfriend Privileges

There are a few things to keep in mind about this chapter, like…
Alex exploding ovaries button and Beehl sexy face button…so that should give you some hints right there. :)

Then there’s this update…

Lucky banner

Lucky // Chapter 3

…which necessitates some different buttons, like
Pam really button and Lafayette bitch please button and Tears Possible
…that last one is a minor possibility but I figure I’d throw it in there cause-really?? You’re gonna complain about an Eric pic?!? :)


I just noticed that the nav buttons on Lucky are like…not there. But I plan on making some new ones in the next few days so I’m leaving it as it is for now-excuse the messiness. And I also noticed that the last time I posted was waaaaaaaaay back when I was doing more visual aides. If you like those, let me know and I can do more. Also, if you have a specific story you want me to (try to) focus on,  for the love of Skarsy’s everywhere go to the contact box in the upper menu (somewhere ↑ there…) and let me know which one. Come to think of it, anything you want to talk about without leaving a comment, go ahead and use that. I love getting emails and will most definitely respond.  :) Thanks lovelies!!!

10 thoughts on “Surprise Sundance Sunday

  1. Lady, you have just made my day! Not only do all of the Sundance pics make me want to squee and faint, but I’ve been hoping desperately that you would come back to your SVM/TB fics. I’ve missed them so much! (And unfortunately I’m just not into OUAT enough to read fanfics.) I can’t read the 2 updates right now because I have about 100 things to do today, but they’re going to be my incentive/reward for getting everything done. :)

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  2. Really? I’m glad you’re back in the SVM/TB head space and I will get around to the updates here in a minute or 5 (crockpot supper and my own site being a total biotch today).
    I am partial to Already Married :). You know why but I loved that story before that too.
    Welcome back.

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  3. OMG…so many wonderful pictures.. finally he surfaces and it’s like Moby Dick breaching from the deep (not to be confused with a gracious plenty of course)…wherever did that idea come from I wonder?
    Now I’m off to do some reading…thanks so much for the updates, icing on the cake after all these delicious pictures.

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