Reminder and New Chapter

So, first off-reminder!!! The Get Inked contest is almost over! I have 3 entries so far and would looooooove more! Tattooing or tattoos have to be a prominent fixture of the story, but other than that the sky’s the limit.

Get Inked contest banner


Check out the Get Inked page for specifics and the general Contest page for other info. Entries are due by Jan 31 at midnight EST unless other arrangements are made. Come on lovelies-isn’t a tattooed Eric or Killian or Jace like the epitome of sexy?!?

*drool* I thought about it a little too much. Hum, yeah okay…*gathers thoughts*

And in other news…I have another new chapter of Behind the Camera for you! Shocking I know. But I’m actually kind of on a roll with this, which you can thank MissRissa81 for. And you can also thank MistressJessica1028 for cleaning this chapter up…apparently I’ve been out of the “writing headspace” long enough that the google doc looked like a massacre with all the edits she had to make. *head desk*

So yeah, thank both of them for their help and encrouagement and talent. Cause otherwise y’all would be getting nothing!!! As always, banner takes you to the story home page and link takes you to the chapter. As someone pointed out, this fic is pretty fluffy. There WILL be angst, but not *IN* the E/S relationship. I’m not quite secure enough in the E/S fandom to write angst again yet. Getting there though. But yeah, go read. I’ll stop yapping. Love you wonderful peeps and enjoy!

Behind the Camera banner


Behind the Camera // Chapter 5: Red, Black, or Blue

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