Happy February 3!!!

I have no clever title…sorry. Today has been….a day. There are no words to describe my day…except maybe this anecdote will help you get the picture.

So I got to pick up the boys from school. The Little Miss (who kept me up like all night fucking long) refused to nap all morning despite the dose of melatonin I gave her in complete desperation. BUT…she fell asleep as I was driving to get the boys. And…the school is literally right next door to our complex. So a minute and a half in the car and she’s out. Like *out*. So the middle child, who coincidentally is the one who turned 4 yesterday, refused to walk when the oldest came out. So I was literally dragging him with the stroller until I got fed up and threw him over my shoulder-of course garnering tons of dirty looks. Ah well fuck it.

So I got kicked and punched and yelled at and headbutted the whole way to the car. Then I finally got all three in the car and home (when of course the girl woke up from all the screaming the butt was doing) and he continued to be a butt. As I was getting him in the house he threw himself down and just wouldn’t go any further. So as I was getting him inside there were more kicks and punches and headbutts and screaming.

Somewhere in all that he managed to break off a small part of one of my teeth-coincidentally not the first tooth of mine he’s broken either. But yeah…I’m so fucking tired and out of patience today.

Yeah I’m with Lala. I have no chapters for you, even though my brain is almost bursting with shit wanting to get written. But I have no had a single chance until right this second to actually get on a computer/tablet/phone to write. And I’m too tired and it would probably be gibberish anyway.

Anyways, go and read the entries for the Get Inked contest. They all rock and all deserve attention and you need to vote. There’s no restrictions on voting so have fun.

*You’re welcome for all you Somerhalder fans*

And now I bid y’all goodnight. I’m done. I’m out. Refer to Lafayette above. Peace.


5 thoughts on “Happy February 3!!!

  1. Ahh, the joys of parenting toddlers! My almost 4-yr-old has days like that, too. I just try to remember that one day all too soon he’ll be going off to college and I’ll long for those temper tantrum days again. ;)

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  2. You poor thing, you had a mother’s day from hell. I am reminded of something my best friend’s mother said to her (we were 13 or 14 years old at the time). Barbara had been horrible and her mother looked her dead in the eyes and said, some day you are going to have a child just like you, and I am going to laugh.
    It’s the mother curse, and sometimes it’s the only thing that’s appropriate for a day like you had.

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