Story Spotlight: Like a Pirate

Title: Like A Pirate
Author: Rhianna-Aurora
Fandom: Once Upon a Time
Rating: M
AU/Canon/AH: Canon
Complete? yes


Summary: The barwench in Emma laments the fact that she never got her night with Captain Hook …

My oh-so-humble thoughts
Oh wow. *fans self* So this was a pleasant surprise to wake up to. *fans self again as I pant*

Yes, That’s right, this is pure smut, smut and more smut. And what glorious smut it is. She’s written a completely believable one shot that is entirely smut. It’s amazing. And it’s amazing how she actually nailed Emma’s character-and Killian’s as well.

So yeah-really really go read. It’s not too long but it’s the perfect little amuse bouche for any longer Captain Swan fics you may have in your ‘to read’ list-assuming you have one and don’t just scroll trough aimlessly…*whistles innocently*

Go read, leave her some love and maybe beg for more smutty Captain Swan! :) By the way, this is my Valentine’s present for y’all. You’re welcome and go read. Now. :)


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