A title would help, huh??

Hey my lovelies! Hopefully you’re liking all the spotlight and hotness and fanart. I actually haven’t even touched the blog in a couple weeks so being ahead has been a HUGE help. Don’t worry-I’ve got through the end of February done for sure and a good bit of March as well. I do however always welcome suggestions for what to read!

Lemme tell ya what happened and why I’m begging extra hard…see not this past Friday but the Friday before…so over a week ago-my darling children hid my phone. I had planned on getting a new phone that day anyway so it wasn’t the hugest deal, but I actually still haven’t found the wayward iPhone. Aaaaaaaand that was where my entire ‘to-read’ list was. Needless to say I have since begun using a different platform for tracking shit like that-one that I can access from anywhere. But still, yeah I’m super annoyed.

So hence the begging. Feel free to use any of the contact boxes (I know for sure there’s one in the top left pull down) or shoot me an email to kelpieskorner@gmail.com. You can also hop over to Facebook and join the Kelpie’s Korner group there. There are tons of ways to get in touch with me. :)

Now, onto the real purpose for this post. I finished a chapter for you! Actually I finished 2 but I need to go over one. But for now I bring you, courtesy of MistressJessica’s awesome beta skills, the next chapter of Behind the Camera.

Behind the Camera banner


Behind the Camera // Chapter 6: Heist

So, hopefully you enjoy and have a great rest of the week lovelies! I’ll have that other chapter up in the next day or so.

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