Hey lovelies! I have that other chapter for you. It’s nowhere near as polished as my TB/SVM stuff simply because my lovely beta doesn’t read TMI and therefore I’m not subjecting her to drivel she has no interest in. But I’ve read through and I don’t think there’s any really egregious errors, so yeah.

Banner=story home page and link=new chapter…like always. Stick around cause I have more to say underneath as well. :)

The Sharpest Lives banner

The Sharpest Lives // Chapter Three

Okay, so yeah. That’s that. If there’s anything you wanna see or want me to check out, always feel free to leave me a comment or shoot me an email. I’m always looking for new fanart, new fics, new authors…new sexiness…yeah. If there’s a specific fic you really want me to work on feel free to let me know as well, though if it’s Already Married, be assured I’m tryyyyyyyyiiiinnnngggggg!!!!! Oh, I’m also gauging interest in a contest for March-or are y’all all contested out? Just something to think about. Uh…I think that’s it….maybe. My brain is dead so I’m not entirely sure what day it even is. So yeah have a good one lovelies!!

EDIT: And now there are some lovely casting pics up on the Sharpest Lives home page! Just wanted to let everyone know-not that most of you care but still. :P

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