Y’all are not gonna like me….

First for the good stuff. :) So far, I have updated the story home pages for a few stories with the casting pics. Now there’s no separate pages, just a slideshow on the main page. I’ve gotten it done for Already Married, Behind the Camera, The Institute, and The Sharpest Lives.

So I’ll be working on the other casting pics for everything else…soon. Ish. I hope. Yeah…

And now for why y’all are gonna come at me with pitchforks or something. I recently started a one shot…it was *supposed* to be an Eric/Sookie pairing. However, as I was writing, I just kinda never said any names. So it’s a fandom nonspecific one shot. I still kinda imagine Eric and Sookie, but to each their own here.

If you’ve ever heard the Rise Against song The Approaching Curve, you’ll probably get where this is going.

But it’s not an HEA. It’s short, barely 3 pages, so hopefully I don’t drag it out too much.

The approaching curve banner


Click the banner above to go there. I’ve also made a new page for any of my non fandom specific stuff or stuff that is in fandoms I don’t generally write for. I’ll probably find some old stuff in the next few days and add it there. So yeah…that’s about it. There is still your bi-weekly dose of sexiness coming in a little while. Enjoy lovelies!!!

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