Little late night sumthin’

Hey lovelies. So we got some new furniture this weekend. :) and we put it together ourselves and everything.  So I cleaned off our bookshelves and found some of my old writings. I just posted a few in the other writings section.

Silent Resignation
Draft 2
Too Late

I’ll make banners for them eventually, but it’s not on my priority list at the moment. *shrug* But here are a few warnings for these, if you plan on reading them.

Lafayette alcohol button Lafayette hell no button sobbing button bad form button Tears Possible button OUAT button

They’re all unnamed characters and they were all written waaaaay back in high school so the grammar and stuff may be iffy. I dunno. So go read if ya like, but keep in mind there are some trigger warnings for domestic violence, cutting and suicide. I was majorly depressed in high school and you’ll see it in these. Love you lovelies and I’ll have more for you hopefully this week…the good stuff. Promise. :)

5 thoughts on “Little late night sumthin’

    1. Sounds good darlin. :) I went back and read these (and some other “ponderings” I wrote back then) and holy motherfucker!!! How did nobody see that?!?!


      1. Bluntly? A lot of people can be stupid, blind, selfish bastards. I’d have invited you over for ice cream and bad movies. Also: popcorn. Awww, who’m I kidding – I still would! :D

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