Story Spotlight: Healed

Title: Healed
Author: kardamon
Fandom: True Blood/SVM
Rating: T
AU/Canon/AH: Canon, midway through season 7
Complete? yes

Summary: Sookie reacts differently when Eric comes to tell her that he’s healed.

My oh-so-humble thoughts
Okay lovelies, who was pissed at…well, almost the entirety of True Blood, if we’re honest? And who was especially enraged at the travesty that was Season 7? Hmmm….do I hear a massive chorus of “Me! Me! Me!”? Yeah that’s what I thought.

However, here’s one of the many “fix its” that was written in the wake of that…fiasco. Can you tell how I feel about this issue?? *wink* And I have to say, this may be one of my fave fixes of any season.

She’s managed to keep Sookie true to character-in my opinion-BUT she made her grow and mature into a believable better version of herself. She doesn’t take Sookie and give her a personality transplant out of left field, but she’s managed to evolve her in a completely organic way that feel true. Same with Eric. She’s unearthed the best in both characters (Bill too, though his best is more of the pathetic villain wannabe way) and still kept them true to character.

I love how she’s woven this plot together. It’s only 9 chapters and is a relatively simply written fic, sticking very close to the show…but it’s got a voice all it’s own that brings it to life and it veers away just enough to keep you engaged. Plus it fixes all the fuck ups HBO neglected to….so yeah that’s a plus. :)

But you should really go read it. I read it all during naptime so it’s not like it’ll take forever. But it’s very worth it, especially if you wanted to smash all your True Blood DVDs like I did…*blush* So go read and leave her some love!!!

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