Fanart Friday: OUAT

Hey loveys! So I have a special edition of Fanart Friday for you today. I found this amazing artist on Facebook of all places. And she’s truly spectacular. So this post is devoted entirely to her…you’ll see why. *wink, wink* Her name is Svenja and dear lord-she’s awesome!

First off, take a look at some of her awesome Captain Swan art.

This one is titled Heart in Hand

This one is titled Emma Swan

This one is titled Try a Little Harder

This one is titled November Rain

This one is titled Expecto Patronum


Now I’ll explain a bit. This wonderful lady is someone I actually found on one of my Facebook Captain Swan pages…I can’t honestly remember which one since I’m a member of 4 or 5…or 12. So what?!? Anyhoo, she’s amazing! I actually followed the link there to find that she’s got a website! And it’s also awesome. She does the obvious Captain Swan art. And she makes fandom inspired jewelry!!! Like…




…this Pride and Prejudice pendant…


…and these Lord of the Ring bangles…



…and cool stuff like this Supernatural boxy thing…image


In short, she’s got a lot of quality fandom art of all kinds represented on her page. She’s got illustrations from Lord of the Rings (her Kili drawing is my fave of the non-Captain Swan ones) and she’s just so so so so SO talented. Seriously, you HAVE to check her page out. I was going to do a mini interview with her…but I discovered she’s got an About page that actually has a mini bio AND a FAQ. So I’m just gonna link it here…or just above. She also does commissioned portraits and character art. Oh, and did I mention those bitchin things I posted pics of (jewelry and boxy thing)-she’s got more and they’re for sale. Those things you have to contact her through her site, but she’s also got Society6 and Redbubble where you can get all manner of awesome shit (think Ipad cases, mugs, throw pillows, tote bags, etc).

So you should definitely check her out. I’m linking her site AGAIN **right here** because I don’t want you to miss this girl. I so wish I had even a smidge of her talent. So yeah, that wraps up a very special Fanart Friday: OUAT edition. Hopefully you enjoyed it…now go check out her site and browse around!

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